Sunday, May 3, 2009

Where Have I Been?

It is oft commented how hard building or renovating a home can be on a relationship. I am here to tell you that I have been knocked off my high horse. I was certain we were up to the challenge. I am very humble now.

I have not wanted to post because I have been in a really bad place and didn't want to share for a multitude of reasons: Some info was too personal, I didn't want to spread the poisonous mood, I lacked the emotional energy get through a real day let alone re-live it by posting on the blog. I intended the blog to be an accurate account of this adventure but you and I will have to settle for an account filled with holes. I guess I will let those posting dry spells speak for themselves.

Not to worry, Matt and I have made it through and will be better for having slogged into and out of the dark places. I know I have made mention to my mood in past posts with the hope that things were turning upward. That was me willing myself out of a bad place and not quite getting out. I have made it out now. It is a huge relief.

I can now say that we expect to be all finished up with the house by July 1st - final inspection, transfer from construction loan to mortgage, etc. I am so glad to be here. I am profoundly, inexpressibly grateful to Tom and Kathy for the hundreds of hours of labor and million acts of kindness they have given. I am so sorry I collapsed so completely in the middle of the process. I thought I was made of different stuff.

I am going to tell you right now that you are in for another posting dry spell. This drought will not be because of a black mood. This drought will be because we are working our tails off to put this project to bed. Expect the next post to be an unveiling of sorts - a kind of "Driver Move that Bus" moment from Extreme Home Makeover. People, we are at the finish line here! Happy Spring! Happy Summer! Happy Life. And love to all my family and friends who I have so horrendously neglected over the past 6-9 months.

Love, -Michelle


Nathan Crook said...


I'm so impressed with the progress on the house! I really like the slate tub surround--good choice. The combinations of wood and paint are so striking. It is so beautiful.

Just for your info, I have a dissertation defense date set for June fourth and am applying for an August commencment. More on this later.

All my very best,


Sarah C. said...

Michelle, I'm so glad you're back. Meant to comment when I first read this post but was interrupted-frequently happens. I glad you're coming back into the light. And speaking of light. The worst depression I ever had was when I was in London--having the best experiences of my life, but profoundly depressed. I think it was the constant rain and gloomy skies. So dishing out unsolicited advice here, but have you considered tanning beds to up your light intake? Just a thought. The L.A. trip sounds fabulous. It's experiences like those that remind us why everyone and their dog lives there. Sunshine any month of the year. So nice.

Michelle said...

Yes! I have been to the tanning salon for the last 3 weeks in a row. Melanoma be damned.