Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Guess I Lied When I Said No Posts Until the House Was Done!

When we returned from Los Angeles we discovered that Tom had put the wraps around almost all of the windows! (Is it just me or does he seem to work much faster when I am not around to "help"?) The wood was cut on his sawmill from beams that supported the house on it's old foundation. We then planed it on Uncle Bob's planer and then stained it. FYI, if you are interetested in the stain color, we have been using Minwax Provincial in most of the house with the exception of the upstairs where we are using Driftwood and the beam in the kitchen where we used Puritan Pine. Another note, the horns on top of the windows are a recreation of what was in the house originally. We still have the original trim and are going to be putting it us use wrapping the doors and for baseboards and trim along the wood ceiling edges.

And check this out!
Our cabinet maker, Warren Tilley, started our kitchen install yesterday. It looks fantastic! If you are in Washington and looking for custom cabinetry we can recommend him with highest marks.

He also built our master bathroom vanity. I tried to find an antique to adapt for use here but was unable to come up with anything that was the right size. I did find an antique commode to use in the guest bathroom. I will take a pic of that when it is installed.


JJ said...

It is looking so gorgeous!! I know how hard this project has been for you but it will be so rewarding to have this beautiful creation when you are done...instead of a pre-fab house...like all us Californians :-)

Sarah C. said...

I think Clint would like to be Tom's next best friend. He has his own sawmill! Gorgeous results.

ThatKateGirl said...

I think I'll keep that stain in mind. I love all the wood in your place!