Sunday, May 3, 2009

These Floors are Made for Walking

What is it about finishing the floors that makes it all feel so REAL!

This is the guest bedroom. Look how beautiful those board are! We didn't have to replace a single piece of wood in this room.

They are working in stages. This is the dividing line between the guest bedroom/little hall and the living room. The living room is the last room they will finish.

In my yellow room the floors have been stained but not varnished. We did have to replace a couple of boards in this room but not nearly as many as we thought.

All the wood in the house, new and old is fir with the exception of the bathroom floors. The wood in those rooms is pine and was generously donated by friend Jess and Joelle Winters. It was left over from another project and I think it was meant for this purpose. We got 139 square feet from them and used about 135 square feet!

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