Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hard and Soft Options

The nearly completed mud room. We just need to put trim boards along the floor and in some of the corners. The walls are #3 grade fir. Looking at the room you might think that that was the most difficult part. The travertine on the floor was some sort of closeout. We got a screaming deal on it. But! As our tilers were finishing up the laundry room (to my back as I shot this photo) they found a bunch of cracked tiles at the bottom of the pallet so we had to scramble to get more. It took three weeks and I don't really know how or where my supplier found it but more tiles finally arrived. Also cracked! We made do with what we got and when you come to visit I bet you won't be able to tell.

Cedar walls and ceiling in the master closet looking out into the master bedroom and the laundry room beyond.

Here are some shots of the master bathroom. The ceiling is the same wood as the mudroom and we used slate around the tub. We looked at all kind of tile options for the tub and shower and the floors in the mud room and laundry room. Real stone was cost prohibitive but ceramic/porcelain reproductions didn't feel authentic enough for this house. I just kept on searching and re-thinking the look I wanted until I got real stone at a price I could live with. Originally I wanted stones that were in the oatmeal color family for everything. I really couldn't have ended up farther away than that with the bathroom walls but we LOVE the slate!

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