Sunday, May 24, 2009

Walls, Walls, Walls, Walls (and Trim!)

More trim has gone up. In fact, at this point all the trim is up except for the baseboards. Yay! doesn't it look fantastic?

And speaking of fantastic, how 'bout this wall, huh? I have meant to put chinking in it for months but never got around to it and finally just decided I could live without it. Thanks to Kathy for kicking me in the butt and pushing me to do it. It is wonderful!

What wasn't wonderful was having to re-sand all the living room walls. We sanded them once, varnished them, sanded them again and then put on the second coat. I don't know if I got a mislabeled can or what but what was supposed to be a satin finish turned out disco-ball shiny. The glare from the gloss was AWFUL! We just couldn't endure the shine so we sanded it all down. AGAIN. And today we started oiling the walls for a more subtle finish. It is looking much better.

Look at all the beautiful wood. It was soooo worth saving. Although Matt might not agree right at this moment as he is varnishing the ceiling, one of the more tedious and messy tasks.


Sarah C. said...

After watching Clint do so many wood projects I think they should call "finishing" "starting" is the most endless of any project. But gorgeous results. I didn't see all that material in the early pictures. You really had an eye for the potential of this place.

ThatKateGirl said...

All that wood is really dramatic! Very pretty.