Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cat Update

In the "Old News" department, Una is older than dirt and is continuing to age. Check out her gnarly thumbnail! WTF?

Russell and Audrey continue their love affair. . .

. . . Despite the fact that Russell desperately needs his teeth cleaned. I hope to take care of that this summer.

And then there is Norah. Oh Norah. She is a tiny thing. At the moment she weighs in at 6.7 lbs. and we don't expect her to get much bigger. She is a mighty huntress. Yesterday was a really rainy day and we noticed mouse and shrew carcasses floating everywhere! She is fearless and that worries me greatly. Speaking of fearless, also yesterday, the deer were in the yard and Audrey and Norah decided the deer would make good playthings. They started darting out of the grass at the deer. I wish I had video. You have never seen more confused deer in your life.

Lily refused to be photographed for this feature.

Quinten remains on his walkabout but, perhaps through astral projection, remains with us in spirit and markings through Norah.

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