Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rock 'n Bowl

A little late with this post. Last Saturday (? I can't even remember anymore) we went bowling w/ Bailee, Jolaina, Lisa, Tyler, Bill, Emily & Becca. It was a Rock 'n Bowl evening. What does that mean? The local rock station is cranked up, the fluorescent lights are switched off in favor of black lights and there is a disco ball. Awesome. The kids had fun calling into the all request show on the radio. Tyler even got the station to give a shout out to all the Rock 'n Bowlers with his request of "I wanna Rock and Roll all Night". Matt and I have never bowled so poorly in all our lives. Don't let that statement confuse you into thinking we are bowlers of note. We are not. That is Bill on the right. The man bowled something like 8 straight strikes. We caved under the pressure. My high score might have been 54. I stopped looking.

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