Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Caucus

So this is how it went. I arrived at Toledo H.S. at about ten to one. Tom joined me. I am guessing there were over 300 people there split up into about 12 precincts. There was some confusion with me because we live right on the line between 2 precincts. I ended up getting claimed by the Veness precinct.

We had 27 people in attendance for Veness. The first vote was: 18 Obama, 8 Clinton, 1 Undecided. After that vote we were all allowed to speak if we chose to. I spoke 2nd and said many of the things I put forth in my last post. Obama supporter after Obama supporter spoke. Only two Clinton supporters gave their views. After an hour of opinions we took another vote. This vote came out: 19 Obama, 7 Clinton, 1 Undecided. I find it interesting that a Clinton supporter went over to the Obama side but the Undecided remained the same. I tell you what, there were some pretty impassioned speeches given for Obama. Very moving. It was all very civil. No barbs were thrown.

The end results for our precinct were this: We had 5 delegates to parcel out. Based on the votes and the delegate division guide we are sending on 4 delegates for Obama and 1 for Clinton. I really wanted to be a delegate for the next step but the county vote is on a Saturday and I will be goin' postal.


Pioneeress said...

Michelle, Thanks for telling about this. I was just trying to figure out what a caucus was like. It's interesting how the nomination process is so evolved and different from place to place. Makes it very complex to win the whole country! I like Obama too. A real gentleman.

Anonymous said...
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