Friday, February 29, 2008

Flying predator

An eagle just flew over our property, screaming as it went! So beautiful. Tom tells me that they can cart away cats, lambs and small dogs. I just did a headcount and all the cats are accounted for.

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Vickie said...

Hello Michelle and Matt - Great to meet you Matt - and Michelle - glad we didn't scare you away with "The Trip to Mossyrock." [Bountiful]

Love your blog, your house, and especially your pictures. Very picture oriented person, let's NOT count the boxes of photos, before the digit camera, ha!

We also get the eagles occasionally. And I do believe that's how 2 cats have disappeared - hard to say - or could have been in a battle to the death with a weasel in the burn pile, yikes. How twisted is that, I'd rather they went out fighting than picked off? Quit it, Vickie.

But I think they live good lives here, fairly long. Tommy, 18 pounder I'd guess, cream longhair with pale orange points, maybe 8 years old. Little Kitty, basic tabby trying to be a tortoise shell, sister to Tommy, lost her in the last year, would have been 10. Do miss 'em.

Still have Momma Kitty - as you can see I have a tough time naming animals - she's actually the miracle story - shortly - when we first moved to the new house - she freaked out along with another daughter and split - never saw either again - until a month and 1/2 later - I glimpse her in the pasture across the driveway--- anyway - I catch her - a small miracle as she came to us as an adult and was always rather feral in behavior - and she's down to about 4 pounds from about 8. Now she's my ice cream eating, shoulder walking, face licking house cat.

Looks like I should start a BLOG if I want to ramble on so...

I must go farm - the vet's coming - and I not ready.. Spending all my time obcessing [can't figure out how to spell that!] over the caucus results - still. Vickie