Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Oscars

I watched the Oscars on Sunday as I do every year. I only had one horse in the race so to speak. The only nomination I felt strongly about was Best Actor Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises. He didn't stand a chance of winning (and he didn't win) so the excitement level was low for me. I was completely underwhelmed by No Country for Old Men and was disappointed that it got the top honors. Also, Into the Wild was robbed. Not a single nod. Not for Emile Hirsh who was in nearly every scene, not for cinematography, not for Michael Brook's soundtrack. Not for best song. How is it that Enchanted got 3 best song nominations but there wasn't enough love for Eddie Vedder's original work on Into the Wild? Understand that I have never had any love for Eddie Vedder/Pearl Jam but he really brought something special to the movie and deserved a nod. Seriously? 3 noms for Enchanted and not a single nom for Into the Wild? Please. The only song that deserved a nom for Enchanted is Happy Working Song and only because Giselle is dancing and singing with rats, cockroaches and pigeons. That scene was almost worth the cost of admission and my 90 minutes.

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Tarleton said...

Yes they were underwhelming. I didn't see Into the Wild yet, but I'll have to with your praise. But hey, didn't Hal Holbrook get a nomination for supporting actor? just checking.