Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stolen from blogs I shouldn't be reading

I have this really bad habit of reading blogs written by my half sibs on my birth mother's side. I will never meet her or them and I am sure it is creepy to be "spying" on them like this. On the other hand, if a person writes a blog they must know that it's out there for anyone to read, not just friends and family so by not password protecting their blogs it's almost like an invitation, right? I ripped off the following questionnaire from one of their blogs and put in my own answers. I never kept a journal or diary of any of this stuff so feel free to question the authenticity of my replies. Oh, and if anyone is willing to play along, I tag Jenny, Sarah, Tairah & Ashlee.

How long have you been together?
21 ½ years with holes. See the next answer.

How long did you date:
Tricky. We met in October 1986 (also the month I turned 16). Matt was the first boy I was allowed to go on a solo (non-double) date with. We dated maybe 6 months that school year and then drifted apart. We reconnected in 1989 and dated almost a year before we had a messy breakup. We got back together in early 1991 and married in Sep 1992.

How old is he?

Who eats more?
I think I do. I know I eat more sugar and crap by far.

Who said I love you first:
Matt. Back in ’89 we were going to a play in SLC w/ my parents. Matt and I were sitting in the back seat communicating by writing w/ our fingers on each others palms. He said he wrote “I love you” on my palm and I didn’t respond in kind which is why he drifted off and stopped calling. I say I wrote “I love you” right back and he freaked out that we crossed the "I love you" line and that is why he drifted off.

Who is taller?
Matt by 1 ¼”

Who is smarter?
Matt is the book smarty pants. He reads slowly and retains what he reads. I read quickly and forget what I read by the time I close the book. On the plus side for me, I am the logical thinker. He may or may not agree with that.

Who does the laundry?
Matt did the laundry for most of our married life. I am doing it up here in WA

Who does the dishes?
Again, up until we moved to WA it was mostly Matt. Now it is mostly me.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
Is that stage right? If so it is me.

Who mows the lawn?
Matt. We have only had a lawn twice. Once at our house in San Diego and now here in Washington – if you want to call it a lawn. I think he really enjoys it and goes to the happy place in his brain when he is mowing.

Who cooks dinner?
Nobody is cooking now as we don’t currently have a kitchen. We both like to cook. I think Matt is better at it. He really has a knack for spices and seasonings. Now if you are including baking, I win hands down.

Who is more stubborn?
I could be wrong but I think it is me.

Who kissed who first?
I can’t remember who kissed who first but I know at the very least I was a happy participant. And I have fond memories of a Halloween party at Matt’s house in Huntsville where there was lots of kissing going on.

Who asked who out?
We were set up on a blind date by a mutual friend. Matt’s junior high and my junior high fed into the same high school but Matt went to a private high school instead. A friend of his from junior high who I met in high school set us up.

Who proposed?
There wasn’t really a proposal. By the time we got back together in 1991 we knew there was no point in going the rounds again unless we were willing to get onboard the train to forever. We bought ourselves matching silver rings to mark our decision.

Who is more sensitive?
Probably me. My skin is slowly getting thicker over the years but I still cry too often and the littlest things can make me furious.

Who has more friends?
I do. Matt is quite a loner. If he didn’t meet you in high school or college odds are he hasn’t taken the time to build a relationship with you.

Who has more siblings?
I do and I don’t and it’s a tie. Matt has 2 brothers (John & Mark) and 1 sister (Kate). I have one brother w/ whom I was raised (Kim) and 2 brothers (Ben & Andy) I have recently come to know after meeting my birth father. But if you really want to get technical you could add the children of my birth mother - 6 siblings I will never meet.

Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Kind of a stupid question in this day and age. Am I right?

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Pioneeress said...

Cool idea. I'll give it a go. I enjoyed your recap. Can I say I remember you writing me when I was in London about that college breakup. Now whenever I hear the word 'butthead' I see your illustration of a head with butt cleavage and little legs coming out of it. It was pretty funny, in a painful way. But I can't remember who you were refering to--yourself, Matt or other parties. So, Matt no fair getting mad at Michelle for this! Girlfriends are not suppossed to get other girlfriends in trouble--so help me out here.
Was it Neil Whitehead that set you two up? I can see why--you look similiar and radiate the same vibe.