Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Here are some shots from our trip to Bellingham. The central part of the trip was going to see the band that did all the music for Andy's movie. I didn't take my camera to the show because when they played the night before the drummer's wife's wallet was stolen. Big bummer because Andy danced and I have no photographic evidence! A little background - Andy was a film major at Western Washington University. He filmed a movie there called The Dream Garden. He is still editing the movie so none of us have seen it yet.

Matt, Maggie Anderson (the drummer's daughter), Andy & Bailee

Lisa, Jolaina (the star of The Dream Garden), & Bailee. They all live in Toledo so we get to see them often.

Colin & his daughter Keira. Colin and Andy are partners in film. They make their movies together. As Andy was making The Dream Garden, Colin was filming Room 113.

This is Bailee, Jolaina's sister. She is a delight! Matt and I are sooo going to adopt her. Here she is seen standing on a bridge overlooking a waterfall that she fell into once upon a time. I wouldn't say she is accident prone but I would say she is very adventurous and so her potential for disaster is higher than normal. Love ya Bailee!

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