Monday, October 8, 2007

Fun weekend - no pictures

I managed to not take a single picture this weekend despite the fact that we had the whole "new" family together. Andy was up from Los Angeles, Ben was down from Olympia and Grandma & Grandpa were visiting from Carson. Bob and Lani also came to play with us. On Friday night Ben, Andy, Matt and I went to the Toledo High homecoming football game. Toledo got SPANKED! We didn't stay for the entire game. After the game we went to a Toledo bar for a little local flavor. There is a ridiculous rivalry between the towns of Toledo and Winlock and we were joking about it all night. I almost got us into a fight by saying too loudly that I prefer our tavern (Frank's Hideaway) in Winlock over Harry's in Toledo. Relax people. FYI, if you want scary, mean drunks go to Harry's. If you like your drunks dopey and happy go to Winlock. I like my drunks dopey and happy. I hope nobody from Toledo reads this!!

Saturday was spent with the women in the house doing women stuff and the men outside doing men stuff. Kathy, Lani, Grandma & I were inside baking cookies while Tom, Bob and Grandpa were outside trying to get the Cat running again.

Sunday everyone drifted back to their own towns and things quieted down. It was really wonderful to have everyone together under one roof for awhile.


Jenny said...

Thanks Michelle!! I'm assuming the Chevy is for me!!

Jenny said...

Maybe I should get a pool going and then ask them what the actual car was. What do you think???