Sunday, October 21, 2007

Well, it doesn't look like we can move the house out onto the road using the driveway. That leaves moving it sideways out into the neighbor's field and up onto the road from there. We knocked on the neighbor's door on Friday to explain the situation. He is thinking about it and I am on pins and needles waiting for his reply. He uses the field as one of his cow rotation fields so he is concerned about the field getting torn up and not getting fences put back right. Apparently he spoke with the people we bought the Sister House from when he saw all the activity. They told him they sold it to some people from California. When people say "California" up here they kind of sneer it out. I wish he didn't know that is where we are from. I can tell that, in his mind, being from California means we have moved here to destroy the moral fabric of the community and trample all over the locals. I don't want to pressure the guy and further enforce his opinions of Californians but I really need an answer. It looks like we have some less rainy days coming up on Tuesday and Wednesday and that is when the house mover would like to position the house in the field where it will sit for about a week until the actual move day.

Also, another snippet of bad news is that the county road people will only let us move the house on Sunday. That sucks because we will have to pay time and a half for all the utility crews that need to be on hand and since it is elk hunting season finding willing workers on a Sunday will be hard. It is a little funny that they are holding us to a Sunday move because the house is directly across the street from a Mormon church so Sunday is probably the busiest day of the week on that street.

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