Friday, October 19, 2007

Playing with dollies (or We're off to see the Wizard)

The sister house got lifted onto dollies yesterday even though we still don't have an actual move day! There are so many entities that need to be involved (county, utilities, highway patrol, etc.) it is tricky to nail it down. It is raining like crazy today. I went to take pictures and got soaked. I don't know if I have mentioned it but the house is the same width as the road we live on so we will really be messing with the traffic once the move gets going. Our moving contractor is the one who has to deal with county permitting. I am curious to see what type of traffic control they will request.

If the deluge from the sky had been less I would have taken the trouble to arrange some striped socks and pointy black shoes in this picture. I think the house looks like it could have fallen from the sky out of a tornado.

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MARble said...

i wear striped socks all the time my therapist says they are loud. i just need some pointy shoes