Monday, March 3, 2008

I know the secret

I now know the secret to making progress on the house. It is important that Matt and I not be present. Matt missed the foundation pour and we both missed a major milestone on Saturday. The house was dropped down onto the foundation. Matt was (and still is) in Los Angeles and I was delivering mail while it all went down. Thankfully Tom was there to help the workers and Kathy was there take some pictures.

I am wonder if progress will speed up the farther we get from home. What if we book a 2 week trip to Australia? Will we return to a finished house?Here the house is almost down. When it was just above the foundation they could see that it was off center about one inch. Tom used the CAT to push the house back on center.

Tom, inspecting something.

The house had been supported by 4 I-beams as it hovered 5 feet above ground for the last 4 months. Once the house was set down they used the CAT to pull the I-beams out.

Almost clear.

Paul, Ted & Jim - the merry band of rapscallions responsible for the house move and drop. You may remember the drama of the move and the death of our mover, Wayne. Paul and Jim are Wayne's sons who have taken over the company.


Ashlee said...

How exciting! ITs coming alsong. When are they saying you'll get to move in?? The trip To Ausi sounds amazing!

Tarleton said...

Congrats on your dream house becoming slightly more concrete. Just wanted to let you know that we're thinking about you and keeping tabs, and hope we can come see you + house + cats soon.