Monday, March 31, 2008

Una and the Tree

Una had an unplanned adventure on Sunday. Matt and I were working in the Sister House and had the door open to the shed. The cats were wandering in and out, munching on grass and whatnot. Tom and Kathy arrived and let Walker (their black lab) out of the truck at the end of the driveway so he could run. First thing is saw? Una. He ran straight for her and she ducked behind the shed. Walker got there first and got a swipe for his troubles before Una hightailed it up the nearest tree. I don't think she has ever climbed a tree before and she seemed happy to stay up there for a while.

Per my usual self I was completely unstrung. I tried to be grown-up about it so that Tom and Kathy wouldn't see what a besotted idiot I truly am when it comes to Una but after she started mewing and looking panicked and the hail started slamming down from the clouds I demanded that Matt get the ladder and fetch her. She was about 20 feet up a snarly tree and we had trouble getting the ladder up to her. Matt was able to grab her and get her halfway down the ladder, getting a nasty scratch on the chest for his efforts. I took her down the remaining distance and got clawed up on the wrist. I don't mind though. I am happy she is back safe and sound. We all joked later about the stories she would tell the other cats in our absence. "So the dog came straight at me and I gave him what's what. Then after he left in shame I climbed the tree to survey my surroundings for more dogs to defeat." Ha ha ha.

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