Tuesday, March 11, 2008

North Ogdenites Holla

(With Deepest Apologies to the Families Conrow & Jensen and all non-Ogden Friends)

You may remember a few months ago I was losing my mind. This was before I accepted that I am not master of the universe and there are some things my strength of will cannot conquer. I was talking with my mom on the phone and she must have heard the tremor of lunacy in my voice. A few days later a certified letter arrived with a check and a note demanding that it be used for an escape trip home - for goodness sake. I was finally able to take that trip during the first week of March.

Anyone from North Ogden should be able to immediately recognize the sign above. It is the marquee at Kirt's drive-in on Washington Blvd. My 16th birthday was announced to the world on that marquee and it seems the sign was not quite done with me. The owner of the drive-in is a friend of the family and he happened to call my parents right before I came into town. He decided to let the world in on my covert op. Now I will have to kill him.

The trip was very low key. Mostly just visiting with my mom, dad, Kim and Angie. I was also able to see an old friend from school (PreK-12!!!) and catch up on 20 years of history. Totally Awesome! (to revisit a phrase from back in the day). Since the trip was on my mom's dime I devoted all the time to the Tesch family and shamefully neglected the Conrows and Jensens. Sorry guys. Next time.


Pioneeress said...

I did recognize that sign right away! I'm glad you got some R&R and I'm sure it was in hog heaven.

JJ said...

Of course I recognized the sign. I was wondering who the friend from K-12 was that you got to catch up with? Sometimes a trip home is just the thing you need. Hope it did the trick and you are now a little less looney!!

Michelle said...

Hey Jenny. The friend is Dan Wade. We dished for 3 1/2 hours straight. It was great.

Tairah said...

How fun!!! :)

rangygal said...

I remember Kirt's! How funny!!! Glad I checked into your blog for the North Ogden memory, who needs a f&*&in high school reunion, that covers it for me!!!