Friday, November 9, 2007

Rock Bottom

After leaving message after message I've been getting more and more angry that our house mover hasn't called us back about the status of our permits and a moving day. I called him again this morning at 7:30. His wife answered. She told me he died on Wednesday. I can't imagine there are any more curve balls coming our way that can trump this. She was very kind, especially considering it just happened the day before yesterday. She asked for a few days to sort things out and get his moving crew regrouped and said she would call us back. I told her to take the time she needed. I mean what are construction deadlines in the face of death? It's a good thing I don't have high blood pressure.

I have plenty on my plate today to keep my mind off the house stuff. I have freelance work to do, I need to clean the shop in preparation for James' visit tonight, I have long overdue filing to get under control and I need that all done by 2:30 because I am picking Bailee up from school and she is joining me on a trip to Portland to pick Matt up from the airport. What's that old adage? Something about having the strength to deal with what is in my control and the patience to deal with what is out of my control? I am practicing that now.

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Pioneeress said...

Man, tough times. Don't be tempted to be superstitious and think that fate's against you. From what I understand delays are the name of the game in construction. And moving old houses is not something that happens every day. It will happen eventually because you'll find a way around each roadblock. In the end you'll have a have a nice laugh about how ridiculous it got at times. Every time you hit a snag, just add some change to your housewarming party fund, because you're going to deserve a big one!