Sunday, November 18, 2007

I almost don't dare to type this

We have a moving day!!!! Our house mover's wife just called. In the midst of the funeral and whatnot she got word that the permit is ready and so we can move forward. The tentative plan is to build a ramp out of the property the house is on now the day after Thanksgiving. We won't be here for that - you knew it would shake down like this didn't you? Moving day will be Dec 2nd. Matt has plans to be working in Los Angeles then but will probably change his ticket. Everybody cross your fingers now!! I won't even bother to ask what else could go wrong. We have crossed so many hurdles already on this house move I don't want to tempt fate.

R.I.P. Wayne Grippin. Your wife is a quality individual. She is very professional, even in the face of tragedy.

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Pioneeress said...

I have to say I'm AMAZED that Wayne's wife could organize one detail beyond tying her shoes! That's awesome! And I'm so happy that progress is on the way for you all.