Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Another Thanksgiving. Another whirlwind trip to Utah. We started off in Park City with Doug and Nancy. Then we headed to Roy for a night with Kim and Angie. After that it was off to Ogden for 2 nights with my parents. Then, back south to Salt Lake with Dar and Win and finally one last night in Park City. We had a wonderful time visiting with our families and, as always, we felt there just wasn't enough time. We spent Thanksgiving Day at Kim and Angie's house. They did a great job hosting. Angie had everything all ready to go by the time we got there Wednesday night so there wasn't much for us to help with. We just got to sit back and enjoy the day. Doug and Nancy arranged for a day of 4-wheeling. I'm kind of a chicken but I threw caution to the wind and was able to keep up with the pack. It was REALLY fun.

Kate, Nancy, Doug, Jason, Me, Matt

No, I didn't get a tan. I have dirt everywhere. My teeth, my ears, my eyebrows, my fingernails, are all filled with grains of grit. Yum.

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