Sunday, January 6, 2008

A quick diversion from construction to politics

It's been a very long time since I felt hopeful and optimistic about any politician on a national level. I know that campaigns are all about rosy forecasts and the reality of office is vetos, lobbies with more money and influence than god, partisan bickering and filibusters and corporations with representatives in their pockets. Still, I am grateful to Barak Obama for reminding me that there is a way forward that is positive. I am posting this video in the hopes that it stirs the same hopeful feelings in those of you who may not have seen it after the Iowa caucus. What I loved best is that his speech is all about what "we" can accomplish, not all "me" this and "I" that. Shades of JFK. That is all.

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Pioneeress said...

Barak is definitely the most attractive Democrat Candidate. Hilary is so yesterday and while her husband was a genius (though it was all about him)--she resembles him only in that it seems to be only all about herself. I've never heard her say a single thing that sparked with me. It's dangerous to post when I'm from the other side of the aisle! But you know I love you!