Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to make a grown woman cry

Tell her, after repeated assurances to the contrary, that the ground is too saturated to pour the foundation. Make sure not to mention this could be a problem when the plans go through the permitting process in October. Make sure you wait to tell her this until after all the forms are in place and the cement truck is on it's way. Tell her if she had poured before the rains started the soil would probably have been ok. Tell her the only solution is to tear out the forms it took a crew 2 weeks to install, over-excavate under the house, lay rock and fabric and then re-form. That or let everything sit until next summer. Right now, Washington Sucks Rocks. I am pissed. Is it too late to move back to Los Angeles? I need a paper bag to breath into.


JJ said...

You made two grown women cry. I am weeping with you. There has GOT to be some good kharma coming your way at some point!!! Keep your chin up it has to get better soon.

Tairah said...

Man what else could go wrong. Your contractor dying? Waite that already happened. I feel for you and the poor guy’s family. You seriously have to have good things coming your way.