Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Forced Catorexia

All her life Una has had problems with her teeth. She needs to be knocked out to have her teeth cleaned and she has reached an age where it is tricky to tell which is the lesser of two evils: letting her teeth rot or risking the possible side effects of putting a rickety old cat under anesthesia. Shortly before we left Los Angeles she went under for a tumor removal and I guess it would be OK to put her under again for her teeth. I don't know. Anyway, they are getting bad and she hasn't been eating very much dry food. It's been hard to tell because all four cats eat from the same bowls so I never know who is eating what except by feline waistlines. Well, that and someone puked up a half digested mouse (Quinten). The point is, Una has been wasting away and spending all her days immobile in her heated cat bed. We put her on a wet food diet this week to see if that would help. It has made a big difference. She is more playful and engaging than she has been in quite a while. She is like a new cat. So are Lily and Russell. They know something is up and they want in on the gig. We feed Una as quietly as possible in the bathroom while they are howling and pacing on the other side of the door. You may think we are cruel not to share but they are both little porkers who absolutely do not need one more calorie in their diets. So, as much as we hate to hear them cry for the good stuff we are sticking to our guns, so far.

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