Thursday, January 3, 2008

The final piece of the puzzle

I haven't posted recently because I have been getting to know my new cousin, Jenna. I have now met everyone on the Lahmann side of the family. Jenna is the oldest cousin, or rather she WAS the oldest cousin until I arrived on the scene. She and her husband, Tarleton, and son, Jonas, live in Ithaca, NY. This is their first trip west since we moved to WA. We all hit it off really well and I have been spending all the time I can with them until they head back home.
Jenna & me

The 3 Lahmann cousins of the female persuasion: me, Jill, (Jonas) & Jenna

Tarleton, Jenna, Jonas, me & Matt

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kristen w. said...

Wow Michelle, your house is coming along and you look fabulous as always! I'm hope your new year will see your foundation and house completion! So fun to read your blog!