Friday, June 27, 2008

Squeeeee!! It's Egg Days Weekend

We will be attending the Egg Queen Coronation this evening. I will miss the parade and a bunch of stuff on Saturday because of the mail route. Even so, I am really looking forward to everything and the things I can't attend I will enjoy vicariously through Matt and Drew. Here are a few highlights from the Egg Days brochure:
  • An Egg Queen contestant whose favorite color is "pink and sparkle"
  • Chicken races - $1 per bet
  • Free egg salad sandwiches and lemonade served from the elementary school cafeteria
  • The Egg-Lympics (even though the egg drop has been canceled we still plan to participate in the Egg Toss, Egg Relay and Egg Olequa (floating plastic eggs down the river to see whose egg crosses the finish line first)
  • Baked Potato bar @ the Winlock Senior Center with ALL the trimmings
  • THE CAKE WALK!!! I am going to miss this so Drew has agreed to win me a cake come hell or high water
  • The Dog and Owner fashion show
  • The Carnival and all it entails
  • The 5th Annual Dog Show
So as you can see we have a full weekend ahead of us. The only possible snag is my mail route. My route crosses the parade route so if I don't get to the crossing before the parade begins I will have a long detour to get around. If/when I make it through the crossing on time it will be smooth sailing to the end of the route and on into the party.

UPDATE: Winlock Egg Days has a blog. Why was this information so hard to come by? Or how did I miss it if it has been right in front of my face for months.


MARble said...

i am so excited to see pics and hear all about it. i can't wait have fun.

JJ said...

I was sooooo tempted to purchase the professionally produced coronation
DVD for only $15 but I managed to resist. I did however find their word of the day "admixture" very useful. Thanks for the link...don't know how I have survived all these years without keeping up on the Egg Days celebrations :-)


Egg Days is one of our family's new traditions even though we live in Centralia. My sister-in-law actually met her husband at egg day years ago and they have been doing an anniversary egg day thing ever since.

I became intrigued by the story of the egg ever since I was a kid and saw it on the way to my grandma's house. There has been a lot of myth and lore about that silly egg and it is hard to know the real story. One year I even remember the Chronicle as an April Fools joke photoshopped a picture of the egg with the yard bird in Chehalis. Funny stuff!

But last year I decided to get to the bottom of the true history of the egg and wrote a little blurb about it on my blog.

Looking forward to another year. I think we're on 76 this year.