Sunday, June 29, 2008

More Pageant info

Here is the program from the Coronation (with comment minus snark in peach):
  • Opening Remarks
  • National Anthem
  • Introduction of 2008 Egg Days Queen Candidates
  • Introduction of Guests and Dignitaries:
    • Grand Marshals
    • Piano player for the evening
    • Mayor of Winlock
    • Egg Day Chairman
    • Visiting Royalty
    • Former Egg Day Royalty (Cheese Days Queen, Napavine Royalty, Logging Royalty, Vader Queen, etc.)
    • Judges Panel
    • Float Drivers
    • Button Designer - Anyone who wants to compete for Egg Days Queen must sell buttons at $1 each. A person can be a finalist in the competition if she/he sells at least 500 buttons.
  • Vocal Performance "Tomorrow Needs Us"
  • "Rock Star" production by 2008 Contestants
  • Slide show presentation of "Memories" - A power point slide show of Egg Days gone by set to John Mellencamp's "Small Town" and John Mayer's "Say". I HATE that song. It is totally Emperor's New Clothes and the joke is on the listening public. Dude wrote a song based on one line that he just repeats over and over. Lame with a capital L.
  • Vocal Performance "You are Beautiful to Me"
  • Individual Talents by 2008 Contestants
    • Destiny Hughes - Dance "Nobody's Perfect" by Hannah Montana
    • Allison Morrison - Wrestling Demonstration
    • Shalene Allen - Singing "Colors of the Wind"
    • Gloria Wiltfong - Poem written and recited by her
    • Desiree Strong - Dance "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis
  • Winlock Martial Arts Studio Presenting Self Defense Demonstration No really! A self defense demonstration! Set to Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" Complete with board breaking action - see video

  • Interlude
  • Formal Presentation of 2008 Queen Contestants
  • Questions by Judges for public speaking portion. OK. I will try to walk you through the question answer portion of the evening without snark but some of these girls got robbed. Desiree got asked essentially the same question twice: How do you hope Winlock will have changed when you come back for Egg Days 2028? and When you return to Winlock when you are 60 what statue would you like to have in your honor? Allison was asked what restaurant she would like to have in Winlock. Answer: Panda Express. There was the garden variety: Why would you make a good Egg Queen. I thought Gloria gave the best answer: "I am not a leader or a follower. I just like people." You go girl. Play the game your own way. Props.
  • Last walk of 2007 Egg Days Queen
Raffle and door prizes - Guitar contest winner. Each girl made the guitar she used in the dance. The pageant attendees all cast a vote for their favorite guitar but there was no winner. I managed to cut my favorite guitar out of this shot. Sorry.
  • Announce 2008 Egg Day Queen
  • Queen's Reception in foyers - photo opportunities - open to everyone

So this is all I got during the photo op. There is nothing flattering about grade school lighting.

Matt got a bunch of pictures at the parade on Saturday but I have yet to comb through them to decide what to post. Drew and Stephanie came down and spent the day with us celebrating all things ova. It is 100 degrees here now and it was 97 degrees during the parade so I am not feeling too keen on sitting at the computer in my metal shed sharing the joys of my Egg Day. When it cools down a bit I will spill all my news.

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