Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Clams for Me

On Friday afternoon Tom, Kathy, Matt and Walker left for the beach house. This weekend is a clam tide and they hoped to get a bucketful. I was to join them Saturday evening after my mail route. Things didn't go as planned. I ended up doing Route 02 on Saturday instead of my usual Route 01. I am not up to speed on Route 02 yet so it took me an ungodly amount of time to sort the mail. The weather has been crap here and by the time I got out on the road everything was slushy and slippery. Not being super familiar with Route 02 I wasn't quite sure which boxes would be problematic in the snow. Plus I hadn't driven my mail wagon in the snow yet so I didn't know it's particular snow foibles. I slipped around a bit but managed to avoid any disasters. The day had everything: snow, hail, rain, sunshine. Sometimes the hail blew sideways, sometimes the wind blew snow off the trees and the car got pelted with wet, slushy snowballs from above. Fun stuff. I keep a plastic bag in the car to protect the mail on days like this. It got so full of hail from the open window that I had to regularly unload it out the window!

I was kind of strung out by the time I finished my route. Matt called to tell me that nobody got any clams on the Saturday morning tide. He said the weather was bad at the beach too. You see where I am going with this?

  1. I don't eat clams.
  2. The tides are out at around 5:30am so if clams are to be had that is the time to be out on the beach.
  3. It is stormy and super cold on the beach in the wee hours.
  4. I was not too keen on an additional 2 hours of storm driving to get to the beach on top of my 4.5 hours of stormy route driving in order to dig up things I don't eat under lousy conditions.

So I stayed home, watched a movie, ate a bag of potato chips, finished a book and called it a day.

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