Sunday, April 20, 2008


Mark this down on the list of things I never thought I would say: We are in the market for a tractor. That's right. An honest to goodness farmer john type tractor. We are looking for an old Ford 8N or similar. I can't believe I am learning tractor model numbers! First and foremost we need something with a 3-point hitch to which we can attach a brush hog. Mowing 5 acres with a hand mower is tough and we don't want a riding mower because it is so singular purpose. Now a tractor, there's a multitasking beast for sure. Useful in the garden, useful for mowing, useful for pretending we know what on earth we are doing up here tending to our land.


opalko said...

If you want more information on Ford "N" series tractors, check out

There is great information on maintaining, repairing these old tractors (you will need it!).

Also check out John Smith's information on what to look for in buying an old tractor:

Bob Opalko
1949 8N #201097

Michelle said...

Thank you Bob!