Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Buried Treasure

I admit to the hope that we might find a D.B. Cooper style stash of cash inside the walls of the Sister House. We have now ripped out most all the walls and ceilings that need demo. Our bank accounts are none the richer. We have found a few things of note.

Matt just pulled what looks to be some sort of ancient quilting frame down from the rafters. We might be wrong. I will ask Tom and Kathy if they know what it is. On Sunday we found a skeleton key on the floor. No idea what it is/was for but it looks neat.

Inside one of the walls we found a newspaper from 1929. That makes sense. I recall reading somewhere that the house was built in 1930.

Finally, we came across this nest of mummified mice. This might be the only find to impact our finances in any way. Perhaps ghost mice will negate the need to purchase real cat toys. When we move into the finished house and the cats jump at imaginary spots on the wall we can chalk it up to this pile of dead rodents.

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