Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Internet Silence

I am about to enter internet silence. My computer gets packed up today. As a web junkie I find this worrisome. How soon before the withdrawals begin?
I'll be back in a few days w/ photos and stories of the drive. If you are lucky perhaps I will post a review of the Cinderella Riverview Motel in Red Bluff, CA. With a name like that it has to be good.
I just realized that I don't have any photos of our current apartment. I should take some. I really like living here. The exterior of the building is very nondescript. It is impossible to tell from the street what a sweet little oasis it is inside. The floor plan of our apartment is pleasing to me too, big kitchen, bedrooms in back, big living room w/ giant windows and a tall ceiling. I'm not getting super mushy about it though because at some point in the future - after months of hard labor and living in a shed - we will have a house of our own. Having no shared walls, and no manager always listening for the sound of our door opening so she can pounce on us, is a beautiful thing. Re the manager - she means well and she is a lonely woman so I try not to be too hard on her but every time I open my door I feel like a fly that has wiggled a thread in a spider's web and out she comes for a lengthy conversation.

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