Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Found my Marbles

Check this out! There is a marble maker in Winlock. This little town is full of surprises.

I have done a bit of additional research on Winlock (one would think I'd do this before deciding to move but whatevs).

First off - there is some debate about Winlock's possession of the "World's Largest Egg". Read all about it here.

I got the following info from

Winlock population: 1,225. Comparing that to Los Angeles' 3,694,834 makes me dizzy.

Winlock elevation: 309 ft above sea level; Los Angeles: 330

Winlock land area: 1.1 sq. miles; Los Angeles: 469.1 sq. miles

Winlock foreign born residents: 65; Los Angeles: 1,512,708

Winlock registered sex offenders: 5 (ratio 243 to 1); Los Angeles 3660 (ratio 1051 to 1) - that's some small town family values for ya.

The nearest city to Winlock with a population over 1 mil. is Los Angeles.

Bad news: Burglaries in Winlock average 1086 for every 100k people. Burglaries in Los Angeles average 599 for every 100k people.

Not to happy about the lack of diversity in Winlock - especially compared to Los Angeles but what's a white girl to do? Can't change my spots.


MARble said...

i am so excited that you are blogging again good luck with the trip and the cats. you will have to one day introduce me into the "marble" maker

Michelle said...

We will definitely have to have Marble meet that marble maker.