Friday, August 21, 2009


Guess what opens in Olympia today!!!!! Trader Joe's!!!!!! I am not ashamed to admit that leaving Trader Joe's behind was one of the sadnesses of leaving Los Angeles. By the time we left California we were pretty much exclusively grocery shopping at TJ's. In fact, when we decided to make the move one of the first things I did was do a search for the nearest Trader Joe's to Winlock. It was an hour away in Vancouver - too far for regular shopping. Before we even left Los Angeles I sent a message pleading for TJ's to put a location in Olympia - not that I am taking credit for this or anything. Olympia is the nearest place to us that makes sense for a Trader Joe's. I am not sure that Chehalis/Centralia could support one. Today is our lucky day. Olympia is only marginally closer than Vancouver but we find ourselves going north more often than south so this is a good thing.

Joe's Os for everyone! ($5 Cheerios can suck it)


Jenna said...

Maaaaaan! I've written them four times since we moved to Ithaca begging for them to open here. Nothing. And our nearest is (ack) in New Jersey, 4 hours away.

Color me jealous. And wishing I could come over and eat your food.

Love you.

Nathan Crook said...

There SHOULD be a TJ's in Toledo, Ohio, but, there is not. So, we drive North to Ann Arbor, MI to do our shopping at TJ's. What's more, there are numerous other food options in A2, such as delicious Indian food and tons of Middle Eastern foods.


Youngest Indie said...

Yay for Trader Joe's!!! :) Congrats on that! hehe~ oh, and no, I didn't get a picture of the cute mystery boy from the Getty. :( Next time I won't be so chicken. Live and learn. heheh

Charles said...

I was excited for the Oly TJ's too. Went there on Friday, very crowded but lines went quickly. We have been going to the one in Federal Way when we head up that way.

xochitl said...

So jealous! In my mind I keep thinking there is hoe for Hawaii since Trader Joe's is a fan of the Hawaiin shirt...Think I'm dreaming.