Sunday, July 26, 2009

Matt Buys Shotgun. Does Not Join NRA

Last weekend Matt went to a gunshow with Tom and Mick and came home with a 70 year old shotgun. He is in love. He took it over to Tom and Kathy's house to try it out. I am proud to report that he hit his targets on the first try. He even hit a stick that Tom threw in the air. Matt modestly claims beginner's luck but I think he is naturally a crack shot. BTW, I also shot the gun and didn't like it. I think it is too noisy. Shhh.


Nathan Crook said...

And, somewhere, a butterfly just flapped its wings.

By the way, I got a "real" job; more on this later.


Sarah C. said...

I don't really like guns and I'm married to a lifetime NRA member. One of those things we're fine about being different about. But I do like shotguns. Shooting clay pigeons is a blast. NPI--no pun intended :)

xochitl said...

this is the raddest photo of all time. i can only imagine he's pointing it at an illegal alien commie from canada... can't wait to visit!