Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rest Easy

A decision has been made.

A few months ago I posted about the trouble we were having committing to a trim color. We finally picked a color and are painting the fascia boards so that we are ready to put gutters up as soon as the roof is on. The roof installation begins on Monday (tomorrow as of this writing).So, ta da! Here it is. It is Forest 05 from Yolo Colorhouse. It is kind of army greenish and we think it will look nice with the weathered cedar siding. It blends in with our natural surroundings really well. Matt was painting when I got home from the mail route yesterday and as soon as saw the color on the house I knew it was the right choice. If you click on the Yolo link, take note of Forest 04 also. That will be the color of our front door.

1 comment:

Nathan said...

I really like your choice for the trim color, it reminds me of that wonderful old moss growing on the original roof—nice touch. I also see you two decided to strip the rest of the original siding off, have you found a source for new siding or are you going to reuse the old?

Just in passing, I have become accustomed to seeing your house with the lovely blue-tarp roof. You HAVE to use Ocean.05 somewhere in the exterior color scheme; it would be a whimsical reference to the process and struggle of remodeling the old house.