Friday, October 31, 2008

Grandpa Frank

My Grandpa Frank passed away in the wee hours of yesterday morning. Tom and Ben were at his side as he quietly slipped away.

I met Grandpa Frank and Grandma Nellie for the first time just over 2 years ago on our first trip to Washington. They of course knew of my existence and thought of me often but did not expect to ever meet me. Walking into their house and their arms for the first time was a very sweet homecoming. I am very grateful for the short time I was able to spend with Grandpa.

The legacy of his family speaks volumes as to the man he was. In his three sons you will find the admirable qualities of honor, integrity, community involvement, devotion to family, humor in spades, comfortable self confidence, the smarts to select amazing wives and the good sense to keep ahold of them, compassion and intelligence. A person can see the legacy continued in my brothers and cousins. Grandma and Grandpa raised their boys with the right balance of love, toughness and tenderness. Lessons learned by the children of Frank and Nellie flowed through them as they raised their own kids and has resulted in the next generation of Lahmanns following in well laid footsteps. Should you be lucky enough to meet any of my brothers or cousins you will find that they are all credits to the family, treasures as friends, and benefits to any community they live in.

Goodbye Grandpa. I am a better person for having had you in my life.


JJ said...

very nice Michelle. I love your description of what one can expect to find in his sons. I'm sure he was a better person for having had you for the sort time he did as well.

Nathan said...


You are so fortunate to have had the past two years to get to know your Grandpa Frank; if he was anything like you, I'm sure he was a kind and wonderful person. I'm so sorry for your loss.

All my very best,