Wednesday, September 5, 2007

To Clarify

Sarah was asking where we are living now - in the Sister House or in the shed. We are in the Shed. The Sister House is still full of bugs, bees and all manner of icks. Plus, it is still sitting in the front yard of the Frye family. Speaking of the Sister House, Matt and Tom will be continuing the demo this week. The plan is to get the back lean-to completely removed and begin work on the chimney demo. Once that is done and the loan docs go through we will be ready to move it to our property. We will be living in the shed for quite some time yet. It will be our base while we do all the renovations to the house.
Here are some before and after pics.

The living space before we moved in (the sellers cleaned out the furniture but left the lab rat white walls and softly buzzing flourescent lights.
A bit messy but here is the living space "after" photo. Matt literally rolls out of bed and lands in his work space. We painted the walls but have yet to make any changes to those damnable flourescent lights. We don't have them on much. We use lamps.
Here is the bay full of our stuff just as the movers left it.

Here is the bay with a little living space carved out. I am happy to report that the TV made the trip OK. That was the big worry. We are not hooked up to any sort of cable/dish service. We just have our DVD player hooked up. The one and only movie we have had time to watch so far was Ravenous! Great first movie to watch living off the beaten path in the country.

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