Sunday, September 9, 2007


This picture was taken Sunday morning looking north from our shed door. The elk were originally headed toward are property (that is our fence if you can make it out) but were cautious and jumpy. They turned around and went back in the trees. We got on our bikes to see if we could see them through the trees from the road.
This shot is taken from the road. All the other elk headed into the property but this little guy ran the wrong way - straight toward us! Figured out his mistake pretty quick and joined the rest of the herd. One of the elk was as big as a moose - tall and all leg.
The herd headed onto our property but I couldn't get a clear shot. This one is taken from the road at the entrance to our drive. Gravel driveways are too noisy for sneaking up on wildlife. When we headed up the drive the herd spooked and ran west across the llama and horse field and into the forest on the opposite side. Next time we will just let them be and not scare them as we try to get a better view. It was so thrilling to have them so close. The city girl in me couldn't help trying to get a better look - though I can't imagine something like this ever becoming common place no matter how many times they come to visit.

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