Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sometimes I Miss Los Angeles

I am 100%, absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, snowball's chance in hell certain that this will never happen in Winlock. Thanks Tengrain.

Update: I wrote about this story at the time but it bears repeating here. When we moved up here one of Matt's coworkers gave him a hammer as a gift in preparation for house building. He engraved it with Matt's initials, M C. I still laugh about having MC Hammer in da house.


Tairah said...

Bennett loves your blog beacuase you have so many animal pics. we look at them all the time. You house is beautiful by the way.

JJ said...

Too funny. Love the MC Hammer

Nathan Crook said...

Oddly enough, I would fully expect this kink of performance to be an almost daily part of life in LA.


Nathan Crook said...

I meant to type KIND, but I guess the unintentional typographical error works too—perhaps even better.


ThatKateGirl said...

That is amazing! The video and Matt's hammer!