Friday, June 12, 2009

Full Oval

The sink and stove have been put to use. I can't say it was for some grand dish. I hard boiled some eggs. As I post this I realize there is some poetry in that, considering that this blog is called Eggtown and in just 2 weeks we will be celebrating Egg Days here in Winlock. The other day on the mail route, one of my customers asked me if I wanted some eggs because her chickens had laid more than she could use. I happily said yes and she came out of the house with 2 dozen (!) eggs! I got home from the route and the propane man was just finishing installing our tank. The next day our plumber finished nearly all his tasks here so I had a working kitchen sink (heavenly choir singing) and a working stove (angel harp orchestra). And now I have 24 hard boiled eggs. Full circle.


Nathan Crook said...

Very cool, Michelle,

I can think of nothing more appropriate to cook on your new stove than a gift of locally grown eggs. In fact, I started thinking about the possible metaphors that could be applicable here, but since I’m deep in writing caption for the plethora of images and figures in my dissertation, I’d better keep it short (unlike the rant I left on Jenny’s blog a few minutes ago).


ThatKateGirl said...

Perfect! I'm so excited to see you at this stage!