Saturday, December 1, 2007

Jonah Day

So, yesterday was kind of a Jonah Day. Things were going along fine until the house mover called to say that the permit wasn't going to be ready in time for a Sunday move. So I scrambled to cancel all the utility crews that were lined up. Then I called the various other people who would be affected by the change. Matt had planned to come home from Los Angeles on Saturday night to be here for the move but moved his ticket until Tuesday since they really need him down there. So I am husbandless for a few more days - frown. And, to top it all off, the power went off at 3:30. It stayed off for 2 hours. I gave up, lit my candles and lantern, crawled into bed and read a book with the help of my flashlight. Then Ben txt'd me that he was coming down to Toledo for dinner and did I want to come? Truthfully I was having a pretty good wallow in self pity and considered keeping my head under the covers for the rest of the day. But I pulled myself up and had a really nice evening w/ Ben, Tom & Kathy. I still continued to spread a little bad mojo around though. Tom had prepared a piece of fish for dinner. He took it outside to grill it but before he got it on the grill the fish and platter crashed to the ground so the three of them had to eat ham instead. After dinner we watched the end of Polar Express and put up a few Christmas decorations. But I had one more crappy moment before I got back to the sanctuary of my cat filled bed. As I was driving home I came upon two trucks stopped in opposing lanes on a narrow country road. The truck in front of me pulled ahead as I approached and I noticed a large deer on the side of the road. Her legs were collapsed but her head was up and her eyes were bright. I am certain that she had been hit by one of the trucks and had broken legs. I knew she was going to die, either by the effects of the accident or by a mercy shot from one of the trucks. My eyes pricked and my chest hurt all the way home. I hope I never hit a deer or elk. I can't imagine that the damage to me or my car would hurt as bad as watching such a beautiful, elegant creature die.

Today I am going to go see a movie. I think it is best if I borrow someone else's life for a few hours. Cheers.

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