Sunday, December 2, 2007

Bad mojo is contagious!

So yesterday after I wrote my Jonah Day post I headed off into the snow to see a movie and do some shopping with a semi-confident feeling that my blue mood and black luck was over. Meanwhile, it seems I had infected Ben, Tom & Kathy w/ my bad mojo. The three of them had planned to go Christmas tree shopping but before they left, Tom sliced a chunk of finger with an axe!! After a trip to the doctor to get stitched up they left to get the trees. By this time Nathan had come up from Portland so the four of them headed out. The trees were selected and Ben & Nathan headed north in 2 cars while Tom and Kathy headed south in one. Not too long after, in the wild mess of snow and sleet, Ben spun his car and crashed into the median. The weather was so bad that Nathan, traveling behind, didn't even see the accident happen. Ben is OK and Tom still has his finger so everyone was pretty lucky in the face of bad luck! ha ha ha.

Today Tom, Kathy and I were at the sister house stapling plastic to the open doorways. It's not a big deal to have them open when the rain and snow fall straight down but we are expecting high winds so we sealed it off. While we were there we spoke to the owner of the property about unexpected bad luck. He said that yesterday his son split his bottom lip open and his dog jumped up, hit his wife in the face and gave her a black eye! Great Googeley Moogeley!!! What in tarnation is going on up here?

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