Sunday, March 1, 2009

Plaster!! (And yes, from here on out every post title will have multiple exclamation points so deal with it) !!!

We are all plastered, y'all!!! It is just what I wanted: a tiny bit of texture, an old style application (well, except we plastered over plaster board, not lathes) and a hard surface unmatched by drywall. Today we are going to pick up a paint sprayer at my uncle's house and then we will prime everything and move ahead to paint. We picked all our colors from Yolo Colorhouse. Once we sat down and really concentrated on making the selections it didn't take that long to figure it out. The main soul of the house is going to be a soft off-white but as we move away from the center of the house colors begin to show up. The guest room is going to be a gray-lavender, my room is going to be yellow, the master bedroom is going to be in the green/gray family and, although Matt has final say and might yet change his mind, the upstairs is going to be red and celadon.


Nathan Crook said...

You must post more photos!


Tengrain said...


So... what is the next project going to be?



Anonymous said...

You and Matt are understandably glad creatures!!!
I went back and reviewed your postings from '07 and up, and it is lovely and poignant reflection on the last two years.
Sorry about your losses. A hurt that leaves a hole that gradually fills in....

Thank you for sharing some of your life story here.

Sarah C. said...

Michelle, I feel like I've been associating with a famous person. I'm so glad your story is going to hit a larger audience! And your house is looking fantastic! The homiest home ever. More pics, please!

nancy c said...

M & M:

Tried to comment you before but don't think it went through. Let's talk to see how and when you want me to help. I'm excited, it looks great!