Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clinically Eeyore

In no particular order, here are some things that both you and I missed while I was wallowing in depression:

Sunrise behind Mt. St. Helens taken just this morning as I was on my way to the dentist

Fog! We were socked in for 3 days. I took this on my mail route way up on a hill that would normally be well out of fog range, especially by noon when this was taken

The shingles going up on the house. We are farther along than this. I will post again when this section is finished

Our heating beast. All the ductwork is in now. As soon as I finish digging the trench for the electrical connection we can hook up and heat the house!

The great snow of 08, compressed, frozen and sliding off the roof destroying gutters on it's way. These pics were taken at 6:30am and after I took them I went and knocked the snow down so the gutters wouldn't get too mangled. It looks like the snow would just fall off when hit with a broom or shovel but it hung on and I really had to beat at it to get it to break!

South Military Road during the storm

South Military Road after the storm. Not many snow plows around here! These roads were a mess for many days.

Wilma! Created by Kathy and waiting to greet me when I got home from Utah on Christmas eve.

Raccoon visitors!

Stuck in Tom and Kathy's driveway on Christmas Day. My car wasn't high enough to clear the snow.

The burn pile awaiting the appropriately rainy day to go up in flames

Fraq buried. While I was in Utah, Tom came over and spent a day scraping snow off the driveway with the CAT and cleared off the mail car. Then it kept right on snowing and I ended up getting stuck in my own driveway the Saturday after Christmas.

Before we went to Utah I found a bat in the Sister House. This bat wasn't right! Matt and I took some video of it before we, uh, put it to sleep. With all the cats around it just isn't a good idea to let a sick bat run loose.

Speaking of cats, Lily was just diagnosed with FIP. This is BAD news. It is incurable and there is no way to know how she contracted it. It is possible that she may have caught it from the kittens or it may have been hanging around inside her dormant. It is somewhat infectious so we are now worried about the rest of the cats. The Vet suggested that we bring her in for euthanasia but we just haven't been able to bring ourselves to do it yet. Crap.


Nathan said...

I really like how you are combining the shakes with the board and batten siding—uber cool.


ThatKateGirl said...

I'm so sorry about Lily. Our thoughts our with you. Missing you tons!

Sarah C. said...

Eyeore is my favorite depressive. I can relate with good ole Eyeore. I remember when you were in highschool and wore sandals to school through a couple of feet of snow. You said you were rebelling against winter. Another time you wore a gorgeous red dress and heels and when everyone asked why, you said you were feeling blue and dressing up always made you feel better. I've always admired your rebellious spirit amidst the blues. Keep on rebelling. The snow will melt and spring will get here eventually! I hope! This is the first winter I've lived through in about 6 years and I'm fantasizing about summer already!

Jen said...

Those are some AMAZING pictures! Best of wishes for Lily.