Thursday, December 25, 2008

Western Washington is Buried!

I haven't downloaded any picture yet to share. Just wanted to mention that, instead of leaving Utah on Christmas Day like I planned I left on Christmas Eve. The forecast for Christmas Day in SLC looked awful and I couldn't risk getting stranded and not making it home for the mail route on Friday. I wasn't the only one desperate to get from SLC to WA. Check out this story. Drew found it and laughed out loud and the lengths people go to either get out of SLC or into WA. You decide which.


MARble said...

it is a good thing you left on christmas eve cuz today on the news i heard that the airport had to close on christmas and alot of flights to portland and seattle were cancelled. talked to matt yesterday and he told me about your massive snow up there. we had some but yesterday it snowed all morning and then turned to rain and overnight turned to snow. so on my walk today it was dangerously icy.
anyway hope you make it thru the mail routes. love you my dear and happy holidays

Anonymous said...

Wow -- stealing a firetruck is a good idea because when you steal a car the last thing you want is to blend in :)

JJ said...

My friend, I'm afraid you have been buried in snow and are unable to escape or communicate with the outside world!! Where have you gone?